Shadows always drawn last?

Hello dear community,

I added some shadows to my scene and noticed that those shadows are even visible when another object is in front of the shadows and (usually) should hide this shadows. Just have a look at this screenshot:

Could it be that something is wrong with the material parameters? Maybe someone knows this issue. I have no idea what the problem could be :disappointed_relieved:

So if you need additional information, just tell me!

Greetings, Domenic

the shadow processor must be before the FilterPostProcessor.

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Wow it does work! Thank you!
But why is this, would you explain that to me if it’s not so difficult?

With filters on, the last image is not rendered in the same frame buffer as the one that has the depth information.
So if you render something afterward that needs that information (like not drawing shadows if they are occluded by an object in the foreground), well… it fails like in your screenshot :wink: