Shadows Rendering Incorrectly

I've got my shadows set up and do not have shadow volumes set to render, yet something is going on which looks like setShadowVolume(true) (See attached screenshots).

It seems to be a flickering action as I rotate and move the camera that this happens… I'm just wondering if anyone's encountered this before that might have some suggestions :slight_smile:


I had something exactly like this with a motorcycle model I made in Blender actually.

It was caused by hidden triangles inn the wheels. -The wheels were not hollow, but subdivided by hidden triangles internally. And for some reason this caused a visible shadow to be projected towards infinity. The shadows were only visible at some angles. Removing the hidden surfaces fixed the problem.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

The problem on my end actually ended up being the limited precision of floats.  We've written a fairly complicated coordinate system and the size of the numbers were causing some problems.  The fix was ultimately dividing the x,y,z components of Vector3f's by 100.  (Not for directional vectors, just for translations)