Should I make a BioMonkey 2.0?

Hey guys,

I need plants. And trees, and more plants… and then some, and maybe some grass… :smile:

Unless I am mistaken, there is yet no great solution for bio-loading my terrain. I looked around for forester and biomonkey but it does not look very 2015-ish

I plan to gather some free 3d models, make as much similar materials as possible for them and then I aim to be able to use a frac-ton of them without experiencing lag.

That being said, CAN I achieve this by having around say 5-10 different materials total, putting everything that has common material in batches (e.g. trunks with tree trunks and leaves with tree leaves) and have over 1000+ objects in each batch.

If not, with the current stable release, how would you propose to go about doing this? What kind of problems would I run into down the road? Any smart ways to make lush grass?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and know that I plan on making the solution public.

Also, if it is worth it, can I have the latest link to biomonkey please ?

For trees and those types of things, you probably want to use instancing.

Or actually both to be able to support all kinds of hardware.

yes you should do it !!! but do it more “mokey style” :smiley:
also i am playing in my spare time with biomonkey/foreter
also reading lots of papers about foliage(this is the most boring part)
so i would like to share my experience with you if you will do the same :smile:

here is example of impostor(stolen from biomonkey) + sprite:

here is biomonkey: Dropbox - File Deleted
here is forester: Dropbox - File Deleted

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The IsoSurfaceDemo also has instanced and impostered trees (even has different views depending on orientation). Grass is batched triangles. All of it is controlled with an LOD-aware paging system (all of it is open source).

Video here:

Description, source links, etc. here:

Trees were created with SimArboreal:


Wow, this already looks pretty damn good. I will definetly play around with this. The 30 fps seems a bit low however… What kind of graphics card are you using ?

When you capture video, it does no good to capture at 500000000 FPS because the video will only play back at a certain speed anyway. So I have FRAPS capping it at 30 FPS because it’s easier to upload.

Ok, wasent aware of that thanks

I just download your project with TortoiseSVN. I have all the files but since it is the first time I use svn, I get a whole bunch of “package xxx does not exist” is there a tutorial on how to make it work quickly? Once I have all the files, what do I need to do to run it in JME3 ?

I guess you might be missing dependencies. I don’t remember depending on any “xxx” package :wink: so you’ll probably have to be more specific/accurate. :slight_smile:

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lol, I put “xxx” cause the amount was overwhelming me. Once downloaded, I simply opened Jme3, opened each project seperatly and here is what I came up with:

The IsoSurface only got two errors, in (in image below) and another error in where this line:

instanceTransforms = geom.getMesh().getBuffer(Type.InstanceData);

has Type.InstanceData in red.

For the rest, I guess I need to right click → resolve project problems → and put IsoSurface to each problem or… I dont know. What should I do ?

You have to build against JME 3.1… no way around it.

Oh, I have 3.0. Where do I get 3.1 ?

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