Sim-eth-es rendering hiccup


When I load up sim-eth-es and hit the f6 debugging key, I am seeing these spikes in the rendering timing as per the attached image. These don’t seem to have any affect on sim-eth-es, however I am seeing the same kind of spike in my game which is based on sim-eth-es and they produce a noticeable glitch when things are moving around on the screen.

Any tips on how to track down whats causing this?

A cyan colored spike indicates the rendering took an extra long time at those positions.

The sim-eth example scenes are basically static (other than position) until ships leave or come into view. So I’m not sure what would make rendering spike so regularly.

Are you running with or without vsync enabled?

It’s weird that your other apps don’t do this, too, but I’m assuming they use exactly the same render settings.