SimEthereal examples update

To coincide with the recent JME 3.1.0 beta3 release, I’ve fixed the SimEthereal examples to use only officially released versions. This means if you check them out from github that you can run them without building other projects first. (Yay!)



For those who don’t know what these are, they are example JME applications that are also demos of the SimEthereal networking package. However, they also make decent examples of how to wire up a JME applicaiton using app states, use Lemur to make some simple GUIs, and especially how to setup JME SpiderMonkey networking. There’s a bit of SiO2 usage in there too.

The ES version is also a good example of using Zay-ES, Zay-ES-Net, and how to combine that with SimEthereal. Any of which on their own are useful enough.

Essentially, they are nice base applications for getting started, even if you will rip out the networking or rip out SimEthereal. But it’s an especially nice base example for the whole thing, too.

And now they build correctly “out of the box”.

Main menu:

Many clients in action:

In-game help showing key bindings: