Simple 2D game

Hello dear community!

I was looking at some discussions about creating 2D games and found the Galago2D library which is very good, although it is not compatible with the latest version of dyn4j.

I recreated a simple game that appears in the Godot documentation, I know it’s not very original but testing it with our beloved engine was very interesting. I wish they would give it a chance.

I would like to know your opinions.



Can you explain some of the work that is easier by using the jme3GL2 library?

@asser_fahrenholz jMe3GL2 greatly facilitates the creation of the Body that dyn4j uses since it is the same object that controls the Spatial. Since it does not encapsulate anything.

It also saves you the work of creating an algorithm that controls the speed of the animations, that is, independent of the fps. Animations are always applied at the same time interval. You just have to use the setSpeed(float) method to define its speed.

It should be noted that the Sprite object has the options to flip our sprites vertically or horizontally, if necessary on both sides. You can also save yourself the work (algorithm) of resizing them every time you need to make a change to their dimensions.

When applying an animation, we can define the scale of each image taking as reference some specific dimensions of the texture. To avoid deformations in the 2D model.

Finally it would be the jMe3G2LGeometry class that we can use so that Java does not confuse the dyn4j Geometry class and the jme3 Geometry class. Since it avoids writing the package name directly (org.dyn4j.geometry.Geometry or com.jme3.scene.Geometry).

I think the best part is that it saves you code to integrate the latest version of dyn4j.

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