Its the first time i use the JMonkeyEngine, but not the first time that I write a Game. I am so cofused with SimpleApplication.
There are so many things i dont Need like all the informations in bottom left Corner, the strange slow flycam.
I read a article with told me i can write my own Application. But there is no wiki page witch is telling me how.
How can i create a own Application without annything I want to do every gamebased Thing myself.

Thanks RaverGames

SimpleApplication comes with its handy package of tools : flycam, stat display, fps, keyboard shortcuts for printing memory and so on.
If you don’t want this, you can just disable them.
2 ways of doing it :
in the simpleInit method call :
This will disable the debug states.
You can also create a constructor for your SimpleApplication child class and call the super with a null argument.
Those states won’t even be initialized.

class MyApplication extends SimpleApplication{
public MyApplication() {


I really don’t recommend Extending directly application, there are plenty of things you’ll have to do, and you’ll end up copying most of the SimpleApplication code.


Those things are all AppStates. You can create your own constructor for your class (that inherits from SimpleApplication) and just not call super() ;

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Use SimpleApplication. There are about 20-100 threads on how to disable that other stuff but there is a bunch of stuff in SimpleApplication that you actually DO want. And if you don’t want that stuff then going directly to jwjgl directly might be better. :wink:

Seriously, you can disable all of the default stuff like the debug screen, fly cam, etc. just by having a constructor and calling super(null). Then all you get after that is proper management of the scene graph state and AppStateManager (which is something you really want).


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EDIT: Doh! nehon got here first
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Ok thanks for this fast and greate help.

I gonna try it out in the next morning.