SimpleGame freezing

I am relatively new to jME and so I have only been working with shapes and states and textures so far. I have written a few classes to display various shapes in the SimpleGame window and it has been working fine, however the last few times I have tried to run any of my classes, the simpleGame window displays my shapes, and then freezes. It freezes with the text at the bottom saying, "59 fps Nothing is displayed" even though I can see the shapes. Also, the mouse and the key inputs don't affect anything in the SimpleGame window.

Any ideas?

Okay, I even tried running classes from the test-interactive package in jme-physics_2 and that froze on me too. I am really confused on why this is happening because it was all working as recently as this morning. It is making it very hard to program as I am sure you can imagine.

Any ideas?

try restarting? Maybe a fan failed on your GPU and its getting hot?

My computer is doing great and Netbeans seems to be doing fine too. I even tried closing and reopening netbeans but that didn't seem to make a difference. I guess I will try restarting my computer… sometimes that randomly works.

When I go to the task manager, it tells me that the window that is displayed by SimpleGame is not responding, but I can alt + tab to my Netbeans and tell it to stop running. I am really confused…

Don't ask me how, but restarting seemed to do the trick…

I guess when in doubt, restart your computer!