SimpleWaterProcessor looks worse on Android than when running on desktop

I am using SimpleWaterProcessor to reflect a scene. There are
some artifacts when running this under a desktop, but it is much
worse when running it under Android. The artifacts are mostly on the
far area the water where I can see horizontal and vertical lines,
almost in a grid pattern. These are worse where an object sits right
above the water and almost touches it. Where the object nearly meets
the water, there are blocks of pixels in the water that are of a
lighter color than the water is. I’m not sure what parameters I
should tweak to try to eliminate these different kinds of artifacts.

I also have a problem on both the desktop and Android where the
water is always the same color as the sky. I tried setting
waterProcessor.setWaterColor to various colors thinking that would
result in the water being a mixture of the sky and water color but it
seems to have no effect.

Did you change your frustum settings?

No, they are set to the defaults.

Can you post a screenshot so we can see exactly what you mean?

In the pic, you can see the horizontal and vertical lines. Also, note the light blue rectangles that are near the gold edge.

I also can’t seem to make the color of the water much different from the sky color. When I look at them on my Android phone, you can hardly tell them apart.

Has anyone had a chance to look at the pic above and see what the problem is?

What device is this happening on?

It’s a Mororola DROIDX running Android 2.3.4.

OK, this one is running PowerVR SGX 530, which supports depth textures as well as NPOT textures. Actually I am wondering if this issue might be fixed with the improved renderer in 3.1.

BTW, does TestSimpleWater exhibit the same issue?

I’ve been trying to build and run the TestSimpleWater app for Android, but the build process keeps deleting the WaterTest.mesh.xml file.

jmonkeyengine/WaterTest.mesh.xml at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub :o)

Convert it to j3o, native models are not included in a distribution (as the manual says).