Site clarification

A few suggestions:

  1. On downloading source code, you might want to put a tip to just press ENTER when CVS asks for a login password.

  2. I couldn’t find where to put the CVS -p to prune empty directories. It didn’t like the parameter anywhere on the command. I’ll admit I didn’t search horribly long, but if ya’ll just happen to know offhand, it might be helpful to put it on the source download command too.

  3. You might want to note that ya’ll use ANT for building, and provide a link to the ANT site. ( )

  4. After installing ANT, I got the main to build correctly (just by running “ant”), but spent two days trying to get the entire Test package to build without errors. Two days later I found a buried post that explained the need for “ant dist”.

    So something like this, adding the “prune empty directories” option where ever it’s supposed to go:

cvs -d login
(press ENTER for password)

cvs -d checkout jme

cd jme

ant dist

ant -f buildtest.xml

5) Having the old version stuff at the bottom of the download page just adds a layer of confusion to an already confusing step-by-step process (ie, "Do I need any of this stuff down here to work?"). It would be clearer to move that to another page.

Thank you, the suggestions have been made. -P comes after checkout or update BTW. I made sure to include it.

Might want to include the -d option for checkout… to download any new remote directories not found on your local copy. I saw somebody’s post where a new directory had been added to CVS but their system didn’t pull it down.

Much obliged for your corrections.

Suggestion 2:

The test build doesn’t make the JARs without specifying “dist”:

ant -f buildtext.xml dist

Heh, I spent an hour going "Where's my jmetest JARs??" hehe