Site / forum problems

I’m having trouble since 2 or 3 days with the website and the forum…

I can’t access to them from my home (I’ve tried on 2 different comp). I though it was a server down, but it’s ok from my work computer…

Does the website server has some black list (where my Internet provider should be :|)

I used to connect on them without any problem since this week. And now it’s impossible (and this is the only website I can’t join… :’()

The only difference between my home and my work is :

  • my ISP
  • Wifi between comps and modem (I bet hope wifi is not the problem)

I had some problems accessing the site, too. From home and work. A while even DNS failed. So it does not seem to be your setup.

I had this now and then for the last half year. I once IMed Mojomonk about it but it seems he did not have those issues at the same time - maybe it's a europe-only problem . . .

Send me your IP, you may have been black listed from a spammer.

I had this problem too. would resolve to the wrong IP or no IP at all. What I did was use a proxy in the US, find the IP used for the site, and then manually  add a DNS entry in the HOST file.

Thx for your help

IP sent ^^

llama said:

I had this problem too. would resolve to the wrong IP or no IP at all. What I did was use a proxy in the US, find the IP used for the site, and then manually  add a DNS entry in the HOST file.

eek, how can that happen? - resolving to a wrong IP even :?

Maybe they changed IPs or something… I have no clue.

i got no ip a few days ago, either. sometimes i have this problem with us sites and i always put the blame on my provider t-online. you are never wrong with blaming t-online.

I'm in Germany and I've never had such problems.

damn, i hope you aren't on t-online. i would feel so bad if i wrongly blamed them.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't you worry, I'm not a T-Online client.

Additional informations :

  • it's not a problem from my home computer : I'm currently using it with my neighbour internet connexion and all is fine
  • it's a problem neither from my wifi nor from my router : i've directly plugged my comp on the modem and nothing was fine
  • there's nothing to see abound the "forever" login option… I was thinking it was maybe because I was logged forever at work. But now that I'm not logged anymore nowhere, there's still the problem.

    Well, well, well… The only things I can see now is :
  • what mojo was talking about : IP locked due to any spammer (but this has been checked by him and it's not the case)
  • my Provider and the JMonkeyEngine's host may be in open war for any reason :expressionless:

    I'm sad…

    Mojo : can you check if any blocked IP is looking nearly like mine?.. (not the one wrote in this post, because it's my neighbour's one :stuck_out_tongue: but the one i gave you earlier)

Did you try the DNS hack I suggested?

Also when I couldn't reach jME I used this HTTP proxy: (port: 3124)

You can find many more (just search for open proxy on google)

I know that doesn't solve the problem but at least you can access the forums then.

I'll try, but I don't like the idea to use a proxy when I normally don't have to…

Especially because I had no problem with this website since a few days…

What is so special with JME website?

It's the first time I've this problem  and only for JME website…

With the DNS hack -if it works- you don't need a proxy.

The ip address is now try typing that in to your browser.

No way…

Even with your DNS hack  :cry:

The "funny" thing is what i'm getting when I directly put the IP adress in my browser :

Anyway, a friend of mine which is at the same Internet Provider told me he can't reach the website anymore…

I bet my Provider is as a shame as Pavel Jackoff's one…

I told them… waiting…

If that's what you get when you type the IP directly, then there's a chance you didn't apply the "DNS hack" correctly.

Try finding a guide for editing it such as this one:

(I'm sure there are better ones though).

The reason you get that image is because the HTML file refers to the image location by the DNS name. This proves that the problem is the DNS not the connection to JME. Modifying the host file should work. You can also change your DNS server or run your own but the HOST file should be simpler.



I misunderstood what you were talking about llama and I did something else instead of what is described in your page… However, I didn't try this page : I was about to but I just see that I can reach the forum (woooohoooo!).

I've no answer from my ISP but I bet they did something (I hope). Else, if the "bug" comes back I'll do your HOST trick…

Thanx to everybody for your help! :slight_smile: