SkeletonControl removed on AnimControl removal

Looking at the code of AnimControl I found that it removes the spatial’s Skeleton control too when this one is removed from it spatial. The thing is that I want to use the same Skeleton control but add/remove the anim controls. Shouldn’t be the skeleton control staying added even if the anim control is removed?.

I can add the skeleton each time but I’m not sure the default behaviour (the skeleton removal) is the correct one. Another thing I would like to know is if it is recommended to use the same skeleton control with the different anim controls (one at a time) or it is better to create a new skeleton control for each one.

Actually that part of the code is only used for pre 3.0 beta models where SkeletonControl and AnimControl were the same class:

We still support importing these models… I was thinking that maybe we could remove all of this backward compatibility code from 3.1 if it already existed in 3.0. Then if you really needed to get your pre 3.0 beta models in the engine you could load and save them via 3.0 and then load them in 3.1.


I would say that some migration to the new model, is better than full support of legacy ways. So much more work in terms of bugs, confusion and all the rest when one tries to be too backwards compatible.