I have not found a way to skip/fast forward/jump in a stream. Can this be done with the existing system?

I have tried to do it by calling AudioPlayer.setStartTime() and AudioPlayer.setPauseTime() in conjunction with play() and pause() but it does not have any effect, the start-time/pause-time seems to be read-only with respect to what is really going on in OpenAL.

Would anyone except me be interested in such behavior? I am almost certain it can only be achieved with changes to the current system - not just implemented on top of it.

If you have suggestions on a fix to include rewind/fast fwd, spell it out! :slight_smile:

Well, what do you mean by fastforward and rewind?

Increased/Reversed play rate (such as a tape player)


Skip/backup to a specific time in track?

Increased play is not so hard, just have to pull samples apart and skip a certain number, maybe every other one.

Reversed play would involve pulling the samples out of the stream in reverse order.

Skip requires that you determine the sample length (in bits) and increase the stream to that address, but to backup you would need to re-start at the beginning of the stream and progress to correct time.

I was lead developer and project manager for a Java based audio multitracker during my time at school and would be glad to participate, if you want help Oak.

Help would be much appreciated basixs.

Renance, I will see tomorrow if I can get the time to make a first working implementation of a "setCurrentTime(float time)" as this is what I need :slight_smile: