Sky with Day & Night Error

I’m somewhat new to JME but not to java & I’m trying to add dynamic skies “DayNight” & i get this error.

the project i’m using is " GitHub - idflood/jmeDayNight: A dynamig sky system for jme3 (jmonkey engine) ". Can anyone help me out by giving me some tips or a short tutorial on how to implement DayNight into my JME 3 project.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The FixedFunc “keyword” was removed over a year ago. In your .j3md either remove the FixedFunc technique completely (if you don’t plan on using it for OpenGL 1), or just remove the FixedFunc keyword if you do

How would i go about doing that with the jmeDayNight?

Reread the error message a few times, its pretty informative