Skybox scale... Am I mad !?

Hey guys,

I've been pondering an issue and I can't quite put my finger on the answer. Hope you can help.

I have created a Skybox with 6 x 1024 x 1024 images. Everything works… But… It has enlarged the images, and they've ended up looking rather ugly. What confuses me even more is I am instantiating the Skybox with what I think is a smaller image size:

skybox = new Skybox("skybox", 512, 512, 512);

It needs to be about this big to ensure my 400x200 arena doesn't slip outside the skybox.

So. Am I missing something? I'd love to have my skybox displayed at the beautiful resolution that was intended !

A common thing to do with the skybox, since it is always behind everything, is to make it size 1x1x1, but draw it before everything else in a pass of it's own. It avoids various possible problems.

Not sure what you mean abut enlarging it, but one thing that can make nice looking hi-res skyboxes look ugly is texture compression. Since you often see big areas of the skybox flat, turning compression off for those texture can improve the quality quite a lot.

1 world unit is not equal to 1 pixel which is probably why the scaling is occuring…

what i do with a skybox is…

  1. new SkyBox(…, 10, 10, 10);

  2. make sure it is the first object rendered by setting it at pos 0 in rootnode

  3. add a controller that will translate the sky box center to that of the camera…

    this is how i do it in scene worker…

Thank you mate.

You have whetted my appetite for the Scene Worker as well, so I'll be taking a good hard look at that shortly.

Unfortunately, I can't try out your tips until this evening, but it looks promising. I'm completely confused about scale now though !