Skylimit Tycoon - a building simulation and management game

Skylimit Tycoon

Skylimit Tycoon is a management and simulation game where you construct a building that might end up being a skyscraper or a shopping mall.

The game will be released as a single player game and you will be able to run different scenarios at various difficulty.

We will release the game for Windows at first, but will be ported to Mac and Linux (we’re lacking testers there and focus to get something to release first).

@DannyJo and I started designing this game in February 2015, but made a complete redesign of the game in July. We’re using JMonkeyEngine for 3D, JavaFX for GUI and Java’s JavaScript engine Nashorn for scripting in the game.

First public screenshot from automatic mesh generation. There will be some nice models there later.

We’re both programmers, so we will need someone to help us with the graphics.

We will post some more news about the progress of the game here and at our site

You can post suggestions at or in this thread.




We managed to get room construction working today as well :smiley:


Geeze I have been looking for such a game forever. last time I saw a good one was sim tower.

I am very excited to see what ideas you have for this game.
definitely following your progress if you post updates here.

I would love to see a devbog :smile: (easier to follow via RSS/Social Media than another forum)

We are planning on getting out website organised at some point if we get some spare time, in which case we’ll probably have some sort of blog with updates and news. We will also keep things up to date here as it’s nice for the jme community to see what games are being made using it.

Stay tuned for updates :smile:

We are however also available at Twitter and Facebook :smiley:

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We’ve made really good development progress this week! We’ve previously
been doing quite a lot of background programming for a couple of weeks,
but it’s starting to pay off now.

More available at


We have been quite busy implementing new features the past week; it looks more and more like a building. We’ve implemented window frames, door frames and window glass generation. It’s now also possible to add items in rooms and we’ve started to implement some JavaScript callbacks for AI.

Day and night cycles are looking a lot nicer now with window lights coming on and off for each room.

For good measure, here is a 4k shot of the sunrise :smiley:

Check out our IndieDB article or forum post for a complete list of updates.


Short update.

A couple of weeks ago we started looking for a 3D artist and we’ve now got our very first (proper) model to use in the game. It’s a double bed and will be used in what will become a fully designed double hotel room.

We’ve also been hard at work at implementing the room life-cycle, construction/destruction → constructed → for sale/rent → sold/rented. Rooms now also pay rent (where applicable) and get charged for utilities (water, electricity, heating and garbage). Overall a big push on the economic side of the game. Next week or so we’re focusing on improving the populations decision making trees and designing a hotel room. Stay tuned :smiley:


From the sound of it, my wallet will be flying your way one day…

You are really making fast progress :smiley:

Thanks :smile:

We actually pushed some money into it and started paying someone to make us models. We’re experimenting a bit to see if we can get the game looking the way we’d like it. If we like it we might shove some more money into it and get more rooms designed.

Just been playing with highlighting a room so the player can see what they are about to delete when the mouse cursor moves around.


We’ve not been pushing out many updates lately so this one is a bit overdue but here it is.

The last few weeks we’ve been working on some general AI and pathfinding as well as getting elevators to render out in some way. Elevators are still a bit of a work in progress but at least I can share a screenshot with you all on what it currently looks like. In this screenshot we have 4 elevators placed next to each other, the white transparent boxes symbolise the elevator shafts in order for you to be able to tell how many floors the shaft covers.

We’ve also been working on the user interface. As you can see in both of these screenshots we’ve gone for a rather flat look with the main construction menu located on the left hand side. This is also a work in progress and will most likely be improved on over time.

For the full devlog entry please have a look at


@DannyJo I am a current MacBook user and am available to test your prototypes and report back if you wish. Please contact me at

Thanks for offering to help out @Bruno_Tojeiro, we’ll be in touch if/when need be :smiley:

We’ve added doors, elevator door frames, stairs, environment sound effects and music since last update. The internal 0.1.0 release is still a couple of weeks away.

More available at


Time for some more progress. This time its’ on the mod editor we’re working on. We’ve recently added in the ability to edit the game scripts (Javascript) in the editor.