Slightly unsmooth and jerky movement

Hello Forum,

First of all for MonkeyZone - it’s a great way to learn about multiplayer networking and kick-starting development. I noticed that movement is not smooth. What I mean is when you keep moving forward the player position is not always where you’d expect it, but sometimes your position will change a little into backward-direction. It’s hard to explain, but I hope you get the idea :slight_smile:

What is the reason for this? I have read the advanced networking article ( Is there something missing in MonkeyZone like input prediction?

Thanks for any ideas!

The input for the player is relayed over the server, theres no local decoupling at all. Read the source code, it has a lot of hints etc. like these.

It may happen because of something called lag.

The proper way to handle it, is actually move the player on the client and on the server simultaneously, and only synchronize with the server when the position is waaaay off. I guess MZ is not doing that right now.