Small request for page admin

I have a simple request for the page admin. I’m just begginner in JME and I use lots of Jmonkey wiki pages for my development. There is one thing that bothers me a lot. I have noticed that you use dark blue and black color for some text and it’s giving me an “eye cancer” and I can’t read it without highlighting a text.

Can you please change color of that syntax? Thank you!

you mean like in the code block on this page?

@jayfella, can we edit the wiki css?

Yeah… that is what i’m talking about. Low contrast is really annoying.

Yes indeed

Wtf? looks like a small child di the coloring XD :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing so complicated as that. The whole site suffers ever so slightly from coloring that was intended for white backgrounds. It’s why the latest posts page has the ‘I’ve read this’ coloring backwards.

Ah hm makes sense, so in theory, if all colors are simply inverted (255-x) in the css it might look ugly but should habe better readability or ? ^^

The wiki and the forum css are different ones.
Jay did a big overhaul of the wiki css so that the colors matches the forum colors. He must haves overlooked those cases in the code formatting block. No big deal

I’ll ammend them now - sorry about that.