Smart/challenging enemies for hhexen

hi there again,

in this thread you may post ingenious ides how to make the ai of the ai controlled actors smart and/or challenging.

currently, the ai does:

  • evade projectiles by smart usage of combining movements in all 4 directions (which makes 8 in total) using a method called antigravity movement (first seen at robocode)
  • predict movements

    planned are:
  • focus fire if there are several enemies (ranged weapons)
  • surround ranged fighters (for melee weapons)
  • spread as far as possible without leaving weapon range (ranged vs melee)

    what weapons, skills, items and tools could i add to make the game interesting?

    ideas yet:
  • charm (make an enemy fight for you)
  • clone object spell (clone a charmed enemy = good).
  • repell magic. (throw anything back)
  • teleport (choose target via mouse click)

    and now imagine:
  1. fire clone spell
  2. beam in front of it

    -> you cloned yourself. the copy will be controlled by the ai and follow you around.

    (of course, the ai could do this as well)

    this is the kind of weapons & skills i want to use for this game. simple skills, but strong when combined. any other ideas?