I am still trialing in jMonkey Engine.

Because i ever make my own notices and also found those monkey wikis i assumed to notice on the wiki this time

This is still in the beginnings, but i will keep on filling it up with every changes made.

It will try to show all this from the point of a NewBee, doing things stept by step as possible

It wont try to explain things, which are explained whereelse better, but it tries to show some different perspectives out of my view in trialing.

Feel free to read and correct me, the one i am badest is precision i think, although i am a german guy, there also might be some spelling issues, so feel free to edit.

If you also tell me what you have done i would be glad, because this wiki system is as new as jMonkey for me.

So spoken enough, heres the link

i put it into Articles, so i thought it would fit best.

Hope to here comments of you