Soft Particles

SoftParticles, based on his code:

Requires using float texture (I didnt make a check if it is unavailable, but has to do).

I made SoftParticlesProcessor and adding it to the viewport and using “Shaders/SoftParticle.j3md” instead of “Common/MatDefs/Misc/Particle.j3md”

will render them differently.

Code rar can be found at and go to files dir. Can’t hotlink files!

(left image using soft particles, right does not)


@larda , can i put your code to the shader library?

I also can set you as a project developer.

Or, @nehon , could it be in the jme core?


looks like it does quite a big hit on the framerate though.

@mifth i have to test it, but yeah yeah why not, this feature would fit in the core.

Great! Now I might not have to implement this myself :slight_smile:

@mifth sure, add it and do everything with it.

@nehon Btw, it is faster when using Format.RGB16F instead of RGB32F (in at line 28 or so)

@larda , I added your shader to the shader library! Thank you a lot!

Was @larda’s softParticle shader added to jme core?

@H said:
Was @larda's softParticle shader added to jme core?

Yes, see TestSoftParticles

Actually, it’s not his, but yes there is a soft particle system.

Also the API is not great right now so i may change at some point.