[SOLVED] A "Light" version of jmonkey platform?

Hey, I didn’t know quite where to post this so I just put it in uncategorized.

For any of you whom know/have used Netbeans, you’ll know that it’s all nice and clean and bright. I was wondering if there’s a way to do that to the JME3 platform because I’m not really a fan of all the dark greys?

You can switch the theme back to default netbeans one somewhere in the settings.

Yes, go to the Settings and change the “LookAndFeel” to Netbeans Classic or how it might be called.
In Addition you have to change the name I forgot, Colors and something (?) which is for the text editor, because otherwise you still have the dark background and text.

Go to Tools > Options > Appearance > Look and Feel

Ah yes, found it, thanks very much.

Actually: DarkMonkey as the new SDK-Default
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