[Solved] Adding nodes in Blender (2.5)

I’m trying to make a model that has one rotating part, but as I’m not quite a modeller, I’m having trouble putting it together as it needs to be.

What I was hoping to do was to create the objects in Blender and let the static part parent the rotating part, but when I export as obj and covert to j3o, it turns into one geometry.

So I thought I’d have to add something like a Node in Blender that the rotating part would be parented to, but I can’t find anything that converts to a jme3 Node (an empty didn’t work).

Is it not possible to do it this way using Blender?

Is it perhaps the obj-format that is the problem?

Does Blender have an object that will convert into a jme3 Node on conversion to j3o (either via obj or ogre xml)?

when you add an empty node(shift - a → empty).

then select objects and this empty(or first empty then objects - i dont remember) and ctrl - p .

it not export as node?

if not, then try to create a group for objects.

if this will not work too, then i think the only way is to split objects(export external and join them in j3o) ;/

but: why not to use ogre mesh and add skeleton?

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Different materials come through as different geometries when they are ported to j3o. Will that help?

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Thank you for your replies!

I’ve now tried the empty again (as described by @oxplay2), creating a group for the object, a separate group for each object and different materials. Having different materials got me different geometries in the j3o (just as @zarch pointed out), but no Nodes.

However, I also tried using ogre and it exported a Node for each geometry and separate geometries for each object as well. I could also add nodes in the SDK (which I couldn’t do with j3o’s converted from obj, as they disappeared on saving).

Regarding adding a skeleton, that would of course work, I just thought as it was such a simple model and only one rotation node, that it was a complicated solution to a simple problem.

Thank you for your help!

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It works fine with ogre xml, so I can just use that.

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