[SOLVED] Are the examples included in the source releases?

i can’t seem to find them, I had to download the branch from git to get them, my time with jme3 are sporadic at best so I lose track of the goings on and have been setting up “manually” for years since I never know when I am going to dig into my game…presantly looking into migrating my little “on and off again” shooter and there are some breakage between 3.2 and 3.3 with my animation handling and features in the new animation stuff that might be useful.

on second thought I may have to stick to the old animation system or mix the two, attachment nodes are a deal breaker, I identify points of interest on my models including levels e.g. “way gates/points” with bones, not very elegant but easy.

JME 3.3 comes with many examples, including some that use the new animation system.

Of course you won’t find them in the “JME3 Tests” project of the JME 3.2 IDE. They’re in the Engine repository. Here’s a starting point for web access: https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine/tree/v3.3/jme3-examples/src/main/java/jme3test

To execute JME 3.3 examples, I suggest Git-cloning the https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine.git repository and building it using Gradle.

The new animation system handles attachments much like the old one.

Of course, if your shooter works with the old animation system, there’s no need to transition to the new one. In 3.3, the old animation system is deprecated, but still works.

So to be clear the test sources aren’t included in the zipped releases, I use the zipped releases, never made the time to learn gradle, so I download the pre built releases which don’t “appear” to include the examples, you get binaries for the tests though just not the sources

to be clear I stick to the release downloads due to time issues


You’re quite right that the test sources aren’t included in the “jME3.3.0-beta1.zip” asset on the release page at GitHub. I’m unsure whether the omission is intentional or not.

Test sources are included in the “Source code (zip)” asset on that same release page.

ok cool thank you both, cheers

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I was in that boat once to. Forced myself to drop everything and do a two week crash course on it by reading gradle site docs, web searches and converting projects. You will thank yourself for learning at least the basics of it.

Sounds crazy but to me the most important things I have ever learned to date about coding are gradle and git.

Coding would suck without them.


yeah I will try, seems it would make my on again off again coding adventures easier, my biggest concern is things changing when I inevitably go off…again :innocent: been in and out of jme since CVS if you could believe that

as an asside the no cursor thing with this forum is difficult for editing

I have a cursor. Not sure what you mean. Maybe it’s browser-specific.

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weird I get no cursor or selection highlight on new posts…but if I confirm the reply then click edit it works as intended…strange I use palemoon so maybe a browser thing