[SOLVED] Attach Geometry on Container

Hello monkeys!

I’ve switched from Nitfy to Lemur and I’m learning it right now. I’ve figured out how basic things works and make some things. like creating Style on Groovy and custom panels like those:

But now i’m stuck. I need to attach a Geomtry (which has a custom MaterialDef and Shader) to a Container. But when I attach, nothing happens.

If I change the Material of Geometry to Unshaded.j3md or ShowNormals.j3md it works. So my question is: Since i’m using custom MaterialDef do I need to create something to make it works? I was taking a look on Lemur source and it seems to convert materials to GuiMaterial or something like it.

Here are some source codes:

//Geometry creation
Mesh mesh = VoxelMesh.getMesh(Voxel.VT_STONE);
Geometry geom = new Geometry("box", mesh);
geom.setMaterial(atlas); //Doesn't show the Geomtry
//geom.setMaterial(new Material(assetManager, "Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md")); //Show the Geomtry

//And to attach it to Container

I don’t know what code should I post here, but just ask and I do it.

Unshaded MatDef:

If you don’t see an attached object in the GUI, check it’s position and material (add a light to guiNode). Also verify whether it is not too tiny to be seen. For comparison: A 1 world-unit wide cube is only 1 pixel wide when attached to the guiNode! You may need to scale it bigger.


Found answer on wiki.


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