[SOLVED] AudioNode - new AudioNode() never returns

I’m having a weird issue and I can’t figure out what is happening.

I uploaded a simple audotester.java file that is a simple application that loads 2 ogg files. When it tries to load the 2nd audio file. it hangs on my computer forever. It never comes back.

I’m assuming it is something about the audio and wondering if someone could test this and see if it is happening on their computer.

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Looks like “keyclick.ogg” is corrupted. I can not play it on Linux. (Tried with VLC and Celluloid media players)

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re: “new AudionNode() never returns”

How did you determine this? Nothing about your sample code would tell you the difference between this and just not playing anything. No printlns or anything.

That is because in debug mode, you execute that line and it hangs in an infinite loop and the new AudioNode() line never returns.

I figured it out. the error.ogg file was in an odd sample rate and that is causing JME to load load it and get stuck in an infinite loop. When I changed it to a standard sample rate, it loaded it just fine and could then load as many as possible.

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Ah, I think I haven’t run a debugger since 1997 so it didn’t occur to me.

I like a debugger, the ability to alter code real time and execute it without having to recompile and getting back to that area.