Solved Avoiding multiple splash screen images for different size devices

Android has different directories for images for splash screen/icons for example.
Since the splash screen for example, is displayed and then collected soon after, I don’t really care if smaller devices end up using a bigger image. Currently, I have one image of it in each of these directories, making my application bigger to download/bigger to keep on the device.
Is there a way, using symbolic links or something to avoid that? Not a huge problem :D.

I wanted to make my game scalable for various hw and screen resolutions.
I came up with a quick & dirty solution which works nicely for me.
I only store the biggest possible image (for example 2048^2) in the assets, and resize it to better fit the screen at runtime (for example 600^2 when the resolution is 800*600).

I don’t know anything about your app, but if it’s targeting mobile device and needs to load quickly you’d better forget my approach.

I think your solution is great, but unless I’m mistaken, I can’t use it (without doubling my IQ) because I’m letting android take care of displaying the splash screen. I just tell it the image filename and it takes care of everything else.

edit: doing it as described here:

You are doing it the fine android way :smile:
From what I recall on how android manages the drawable I think you could just have ONE (big) drawable and android should do the rest. I think you just need to put it in “drawable” (not drawable-something, just “drawable”).

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Yes that is correct @guillaumevds, that is exactly what I do as well.

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Oh, thank you guillaume and ndebruyn :). Well, problem solved then :slight_smile: