[Solved]Blender 2.6 export Ogrexml doen`t work …

I use Windows 7 os and installed Blender 2.60 version and Installed Python 3.2 version.

first Go to http://www.ogre3d.org/download/tools

and Download the Command Line → Install Command Line Tools.

second, The Blender Exporter in the same downloads page download.

3. Installed Python 3.2 version download and installed…

4. Extract BlenderExport.zip to C:UsersadminAppDataRoamingBlender FoundationBlender.blenderscripts…

but i cant see File --> export --> Ogre... in Blender.<br /> <br /> i spent 2days about this. Whats the problem?

First of all, I think Blender comes with python integrated into the program. I haven’t had to install python since Blender 2.49.

Second, I don’t think you need the Ogre Command line tools either. I’ve never had to install that.

… So all you need is JME3, Blender, your model and your script.

Third, I’d suggest installing blender to a non-windows-protected directory, such as C:/Programs or something to your liking so that you have easy access to the scripts file.

Fourth, I generally use the ZIP blender install, that way I don’t get messy user directories mucking me around. And you only need to double click Blender.exe to get the thing to run. (or make a shortcut for it and place it on your desktop).

Fifth, Once you put the Ogre-Exporter python script into the scripts directory, you will have to activate it in Blender.

Go to Files > User Preferences > Addons > Export-Import and activate the script.

… OR …

You can use the “Install Addon” button on the above “User Preferences / Addons” screen to find and install your script.

I think you will still have to activate it though.

You must select your model in object mode to have it exported by the script.

Textures must be UV Mapped onto your model to show up jME3.

It seems that the Ogre Script does not support Normal Mapping, which is really annoying me to the max. ( I really hope I’m wrong on that one!)

Create a directory for your model in your game/assets folder and place your converted mesh and textures in there. Then from JMP, convert it directly to a J3O file, which is directly loadable by the engine and will contain all your materials etc that you set up in Blender. It’s really cool.

I hope those few lines have been helpful.


the export addon you have is for blender 2.49 not for blender 2.5+ or 2.6+ that is why it doesnt work

the official exporter for 2.5+ pr 2.6+ is still being developed, when it will be out noone knows.

there is an unofficial one for 2.5+ or 2.6+ called blender2ogre just type it in google and you will find it.

i heard it works , at least can export meshes , about material and animation I am not sure, thought i heard someone in this forum managed to export them.

there is also a blender importer for jme3. it is still being developed and might already be usable but i am not sure if it can import animation.

The Ogre Exporter script included with JMP is for Blender 2.5 / 2.6. It is version 0.5.4 (last time I looked). There is now a 0.5.5 version available and the 0.5.6 is on it’s way.



Thank you for advise.


then i just need JME3, Blender, and Blender exporter. right?

In Blender,

I went to Files > User Preferences > Addons > Export-Import and activate the script and

Install add on Blender exporter.

Blender exporter download from http://www.ogre3d.org/download/tools

all of this… I cant see Ogre format in File ---> export section....<br /> Whats the problem?

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Oh my god… i spent my all days in this problem…

i was searching ‘blender ogre’ in wiki section…

Sorry, and Thank you. and Could i delete this forum section?..

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As was mentioned above, it would seem you are trying to use a script for blender 2.49 which will not work for blender 2.6.

You can get the script from JMP (which I would suggest as being the easiest)

Open the jMonkeyEngine SDK (which is JMP) and go to TOOLS (on the tool bar) > OgreXML > Install Blender OgreXML

Or you can get it from this link


I hope that helps you to get where you want to go.

Why would you want to delete this thread? If we can help you, then we can help a hundred other people too.

He’s already solved the issue :).


Thank you for your advise. ^^

I 'm already solved this problem