[SOLVED] Blender bone animation rotation not working on Jm3

This is the first time I make bone animation with blender to use in jmonkey, so I probally am doing something wrong.
I can import the animation fine, and see that the it imports the AnimControl with the animation made on blender appears on the JDK as it supouse to be.
But when I try to play it, the objects moves, but dont rotate…

  1. I tried to follow all the recommendations, the object has the root bone at 0,0,0, has all transformations aplied on the bones and mesh, etc.
  2. I tried to use the ogre , but it seens the exporter is not working for me, it is giving an error "traceback ( most recent call task ) … ReferenceError: StructRNA of type Mesh has been removed… And dont import at jme…
  3. I tried to build some very basic animation with only 3 bones and an subdivided box, but also got the same problem.
  4. I tried to build an test and debug the load, I found odd that player.getControl(AnimControl.class); is returning null…
  5. It may be something wrong on the way I attach the mesh to the bones on blender, I use the parent assign ctrl+p then select I select the “armature deform / with automatic weights”, if this is the mistake, what is the right way ?

If you’re willing to post your .blend file I’ll happily have a look

Sure :


Transformation aren’t applied on object/mesh: scale, location aren’t “identity” when you select the object cube. You should apply transform after parenting (iirc).

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I did that, Ctrl+A ( pos, rot, scale ) on object and bones…
I am probably missing something , but what ?
If you notice, in the model, the rot, pos, scale of the object and armature are all 0,0,0 …

I must disagree my friend!

Thanks for your help guys.
It seens the obj I sent was not applied, but I did this test before with the same problem …
Can you check if this one have with the same problem ?


Thats better.

I opened this in blender, and went into the NLA editor, clicked add > add action strip > building

Then I exported with ogre exporter, and dropped it into a project

Works fine like that. I’ve never done animations without the ogre exporter

Yep, thats it, I dint know its required to add an action strip …
Thanks friend…
Obs: It should be in the documentation…

I tried to apply this solution to the other models with no success, I am not sure what is going on…

Follow other model :


I am using bone controls to make more complex animations, maybe its not supported ?

I think I found it.

  • First, blender import dont work, only ogre, and needs to be at least the last version ( 0.6.0 ) :
  • Second, need to delete all the action strips and create an new one for each animation ( re-create )
    Obs: I dont know why, this ogre was not able to import the uv mapping with the textures / materials… I had to import using blender, create an customized material, then import again from ogre and assign this material …
    I think its working now, at least for this model…
    Thanks !

Glad you solved it. I’ve had to delete all my action strips and re-add them to the NLA editor before for no apparant reason, always feel like I’m playing with something very delicate when I do animations