[SOLVED] Blender to glb export curvature

In blender

glb model in jmnkey

model curve
how to export correctly what is the error?

What are the bones natural position? My understanding is that pose mode is “just to have a look” at how the bones affect the mesh, not to actually set their neutral positions for export (but i am not a blender expert so take that with a pinch of salt)

well, IMO its more about Blender than JME. It can be not apply modifiers, it can be wrong “rest-pose” or natural-position like richtea said, or anything wrong configured in Blender.

What is curious is that model do not have proper rootBone, but imo it still should work properly.

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Thanks solved i don’t apply modifiers

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  1. I create model
  2. I create armature
  3. I paint weights
  4. In pose mode model move with bones

When i apply armature modifiers (need to export model) in pose mode model not move with bones. Why?

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Can you upload your blender file?
I will take a look.

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Not sure why that happens, could be a bug in the add-on. Recommend to submit an issue on the add-on page at:


Need add nautral bone and add weights