Solved : Can a SpiderMonkey based multiplayer game server run within a Tomcat web server?

If it can, then I’m used to using the Tomcat Server tools that are usually in the Services module in the Java EE Netbeans IDE. I understand that JMonkeyEngine is based on the Netbeans Platform and can see why the Java EE modules aren’t needed, however, I’m not familiar with the Netbeans Platform in terms of extensibility. Is it possible for me to add both Java EE and the Services module (then by extension Tomcat)?

Sure, install the EE plugins and reference an install of Tomcat.

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Thank you normen. I now have Tomcat and MySQL servers installed and registered in the Services module of the JME IDE. If anyone else wants to do the same, just message me and I’ll pass on instructions. If enough people want instructions, I’m happy to add a guide in the wiki.


It would be really appreciated and helpful if you post the introductions here. I am trying to do the same.
I would like to know how does SpiderMonkey runs alongside Tomcat. Does it use one of the server threads? Or can be updated on demand when a new request arrives? I am interested in that second option.

Spidermonkey manages it’s own threads and its own messages. Else, it has no reason for being.

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Does SpiderMonkey create TCP or UDP connection between clients?


Edit: Wait… between clients? No.