[SOLVED] Canonball position

Hi folks.
So i have a game with an imported model of tank. The problem is that i cant position the canonball to shoot from canon.
I belive i need create a vector, but can i attach vector to a node?
Any help would appreciated

If the vector is a position vector in world coordinates, and the node visualizes the cannonball, you probably want something like “node.setLocalTranslation(vector)”

Yes, that’s what i allready tried. The problem is i have a moving tank, so the shooting position must follow the canon. And that is where i struggle with

Do you have the location and orientation of the tank turret? If so, the starting location of the cannonball would probably be the turret, and its direction of travel would be determined by the orientation of the turret. There’s a “Math for Dummies” link at the top of this webpage that may be helpful.

Thank you for help. It’s works now

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