[SOLVED] Cant see animation preview in sceneComposer

Hi, I’m quite new to JME. Is a couple of days I’m trying to solve the problem and I read other answers. I know is a redundant topic but I still don’t know where I done wrong and how to fix it.

I created a model with MakeHuman, exported as .mhx2 and Imported in Blender. Everything works fine. I added a simple animation, just for test.
I save as .blend and exported as ogre .xml ( the ogre exporter has been installed from JME IDE)

Here the .blend file: Blender

Here the ogre export: ExportedOgreFile

When I import the model and open in SceneComposer .j3o I see that the animation exist but nothing is move. This happened both with .blend and ogre file.

I though to have respected all the creation rules ( like this for example https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/jme3/external/blender.html#animations )

Can someone you suggest me what I done wrong?

Thank you in advance!!

I tried to download those 2 model files, but got 404 errors.

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Me too now. Sorry, I’m out now I Will be back in 4 ours and I will update again the links.

Thank you for the message!!

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@sgold, updated! Now should be working.

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Keyframes were lost in the export from Blender. I tried exporting to Xbuf and Glb without any better result. This issue may need someone with more modeling experience than I have. Good luck!

You could possibly try opening up the .skeleton file in a text editor and see if the frames are missing (in which case I don’t know why that would happen) , or if maybe the ‘total animation time’ is being set incorrectly for some animations.

It’s been a while since I used the ogre exporter, but I did encounter a problem where certain animations would be exported with an incorect amount of total time. For instance, an animation that had 30 frames would only be set to run for 10 frames according to the text in the .skeleton file. Sometimes I would have to go into the skeleton file and make 1 or 2 corrections before converting to .j3o

Edit- I just noticed that you did post the skeleton file in the .zip with the model, and it isn’t the second problem I mentioned. The “my_animation” just shows ~2 seconds worth of blank key frames.

If you also say you did everything in this reference article https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/jme3/external/blender.html#animations then maybe it could be an issue with your version of the ogre exporter, since it seems as though that is where the issue is originating - either with ogre or blender.


I did notice that the Rotation Mode wasn’t set to Quaternion. But even when I corrected that I had difficulties.

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@sgold, yes my fault, I tested and tried without success also with this option setted.

@yaRnMcDonuts so is right that JME don’t show me nothing.

I used the Ogre 0.6.0 and Blender 2.79b

Thank you very much for your replies!!

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You need to push your actions down into the stack to create a NLA strip. (When Using Ogre Exporter)

Works fine for me.

This can get complicated when starting at the end of the tutorial but this is an example of how to create an NLA strip. Just ignore the appending animations info and do the NLA strip creation part.


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That solve everything!!

In the image below I underestimate the value of the button…is not a sub-menu, but is the way to add into the NLA stack the strip!!



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