[SOLVED] [EntityContainer] Remove: No matching object for entity:Entity

Has somebody what this line does mean and what could be the cause

19:12:08,788 WARN  [EntityContainer] Remove: No matching object for entity:Entity[EntityId[979], values=[null]]

I don’t even know which of my EntityContainer it could be and I have many :slight_smile:
Any hint to narrow down this problem are welcome

And yes I know I did not provide code, but more because I have no idea where I should look…

It indicates that during EntityContainer.update(), it was notified about a removed entity that it actually isn’t managing:

Not sure what exactly can cause that or if there are any normal cases where it might.

Most obvious cause would be an addObject() method that returns null. But maybe there are other cases.

Edit: by the way, addObject() should never return null. I should probably check for that and throw an exception.

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Thanks, I’ll check that, could be possible.