[SOLVED]Export from jme?

Is there a way to export from jme to .obj or any other format other than j3o? I ask because I’d like to place a bunch of models in JME, and them export them as one so I can get them in blender.

not as far as I know.

If its an issue of importing multiple models into blender, google will help, I’ve found python scripts to help load directories of obj’s before

Nah I was hoping to use JME as a tool to place modular parts then take them back to blender for lighting. I can find a workaround if need be, thanks anyway

@nehon said he would make a gltf exporter…

But why not use Blender to place the parts?

That’s plan C. I’ve got a ‘quantity over quality’ thing going on, I’ve set it up so I can just drag to create rooms of any shape. Might play with some procedural stuff at some point too.

You’re not the first to want to do this …

nope… never said that
I did an importer
JME is not meant to export things

That’s accurate.

In theory you should be able to roll your own obj exporter within minutes (given the simple format of obj)

I was going to say the same thing. Super simple format.

Is this SOLVED?