[SOLVED] Exporting game… 60mb?!?

Hello, I just started using JMonkeyEngine 2 days ago, and was wondering if I was exporting my game correctly. What I was doing was:

  1. building it cleanly with netbeans
  2. going into my dist directory
  3. compressing the lib (like 60mb) and the jar (not near as much) into a zip.

    Why is the lib so big? Is it required to run the game? Is there another way to export a game?

There is no need to take all of the libs. You’ll need jmonkeyengine.jar, and only the libs that you use (i.e. if you use the nifty, you will need nifty.jar, etc.)

Hmmm… I checked this out… and found jme3testdata(54mb)… I tried removing it and the program would not run. Did I import some test data in my program or something?

Ahh… Imported the jme3 test data library from the tutorials. That would be why. Anyway, thanks Its fixed! :smiley:

Yeah if you’re using any of the data from the examples, you should just take it out of that jme3testdata jar since its got lots of other stuff you probably dont need