[SOLVED] Falling things

that could be yeah, that bullet only cares about the vertex data and dismisses the scale.

@Teemo258 In Blender, can you try Ctrl A I think? (Apply → Translation, Rotation, Scale) on the Book and reimport it?

Okay guys. The books mesh doesn’t match because it is from three parts. The title part, where the pictures is, is only plate (2D object) and this is bugged in jME, but only when the wires are generated. It’s physic shape is good and it behave normal. If I set the mass to 0, it generates normal mesh, but if the mass is 1 shape is bugged.

Screenshot with set 0 mass.

Applying Location, Rotation and Scale in Blender didn’t work either.

EDIT: Even triangulating in Blender didn’t help too. This is really weird physics rule :smiley:

The problem is when you are giving the book mass then its physics shape is inside the tables and its being ejected because they are overlapping. If you set that book at an extreme height above the table and drop it, like at (5, 2, 2) see what happens.

It falls through the table without any colliding.

When you open the book in SDK scenecomposer does it show 3 geometries?

Do you mean plane?

Do you have Team Viewer? :smiley: We can work more easily and then put results here.

Plate/plane for me it’s same :smiley:


I was going to suggest either make a HullCollisionShape for the book and add it to the RBC constructor or change the title to be a material w texture. UV unwrap the book(project), and set the material to the front cover only in the UV editor of blender.

Edit: Thinking that this was a box shape, not a plane.

Looking at the video shows that the CollisionShape matches the book except for scale. You have to scale the CollisionShape to the book. If its the plane that’s off then scale it.

I assume you are trying to have a book that has pages by the use of planes?

At first, thank you very much for your time and patience.
These steps which you are describing above is too complicate. I want to make it as simple as it gets. This book will only work like a “button” which will open HUD book with options; buy the car, sell the car, tune it etc. So, it is necessary to make a perfect collision mesh. I will only add the books model without physics.
I admire you.

Try this.

Step 1
In blender, select your book and tab into edit mode.
Hit num pad 1 followed by 5 to change to front ortho view.
Grab the blue arrow and move the geometry up until the bottom of the book is even with its origin, ie the orange dot in the middle of the book will be even with the bottom.

This will offset your origin to the back of your book. Otherwise you will have to offset the book with a offset node prior to loading it to your game.

Step 2
Next, create a CompoundCollisionShape for your model and add it to the RigidBodyControl constructor.

        Node thing =  (Node) assetManager.loadModel("Models/book/book.j3o");
        thing.setLocalTranslation(new Vector3f(5, 1.1f, 2));
        CollisionShape cs = CollisionShapeFactory.createMeshShape(thing);
        RigidBodyControl thingMesh = new RigidBodyControl(cs, 1);

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If you look at the objects on the cabinet behind the book, you will see they are also moving because the CollisionShape is overlapping. One even falls over after the book drops.

How many materials do they have?

You say the book cover is a flat plane? What are the three parts to this book?

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Okay. Now I’m going on trip, so when I come back on Monday I will reply to you.