[Solved] Get keys pressed

Hi ,its a noob question ,but i cant finde a way to get keys thta are pressed. I have both listeners and they creates event’s but i dont want listeners to start action.
What i want i to have update that each second check which keys are pressed, soo basically i cant get access to where are stored data on pressed keys.
My main class extends SimpleApplication and have both listeners ,as on f1 guide ,but i cant finde a way to see keys pressed list or alse .
I know i could create my own data base ,but if there is one allready …

When you get the pressed event, set a flag.
When you get a released event, unset the flag.

That’s where the information will be stored. It isn’t anywhere else.

Yep. That’s it.
I use a InputState.

public InputState(InputManager inputManager, Node controlled, SimpleApplication app){
    this.inputManager = inputManager;
    this.controlled = controlled;
    this.app = (MyApp)app;

public void initialize(AppStateManager stateManager, Application app) {
    super.initialize(stateManager, app);
    this.app = (MyGame)app;//redundant
    //TODO: initialize your AppState, e.g. attach controllables to rootNode
public void onAction(String action, boolean isPressed, int modifier, float tpf){
        if(action.equals("Exit") && isPressed){
        else if (action.equals("YawRight"){
            controlled.yawRight(action, isPressed){
//in ControllableControl
public Void yawRight(String action, boolean isPressed){
    yawRight = isPressed;

public void controlUpdate(float tpf){
    if (yawLeft){
    inputVector = new Vector3f(0f, rotationThrust[rotationThrustIndex], 0f);
    torqueThrust = torqueThrust.add(inputVector);
    input = true;

Thanks for ansewrs :slight_smile: