[SOLVED] Got a message from lwjgl about openal

Hi all:
just got a problem :
When open a application a Error message shown as below
Uncaught exception throw in Thread[jME3 main, 5, main]
RuntimeException org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Could not locate OpenAL libary.

anyone know how to solve this ?

Do you have a sound card/device? What have you tried? Does this continually occur or randomly? Have you tried clean/build? Need a little more info.

Did it work before? What changed?

Is there a DLL in the directory you run from? Is this even Windows or Linux or???

Which version of JME?

It turns out that when plug in a earphone or speaker the problem solved.
When nothing connected to the audio output, it will show the error message.

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thank you, for your help :slight_smile:

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

The hardware is a Lenovo ideacenter 510s