[SOLVED] Gradle plugin / New Gradle Project

I’m a bit confused by this:

I mean JME’s default is Ant, what does this have to do with Maven at all? I don’t even have Maven local repo here, do I have to? Or do I have to better create project myself and then just open it in IDE? How do you do that typically?

Yeah, rather take bootmonkey or the like and load it then. However the gradle project might get confused with your build scripts at some point.

What this means is: It would setup some auto deploying, I guess. For this you need a groupId and a version

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To explain a little more…

You are creating a gradle project. So the default of ANT has no meaning here.

Gradle also uses maven-style coordinates for its artifacts. So “maven version” and “maven group ID” are relevant in that context. They would be the group and version of your project as a maven-style artifact coordinate.

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I supposed some heritage here, just needed a confirmation. Thanks!