[SOLVED] Help me with collada (.dae) 3d model importing to jme

Hi everybody
I have 3d model in .dae format with textures .

I import it to blender and save as .blend format.
Now in JME3 I import the .blend as bellow :

It correctly imported in JME3 :

But as you see the texture is separated from .j3o . and if I delete texture folder the model will not show correctly.
0- Why the textures are separated?
1- How can I integrate textures in .j3o ?
2- is there any performance issue if I use it like this (I mean does it decrease game performance) ? (textures are in PNG format)

Nope. Performance will be the same for this model. It might increase performance if the texture is shared to have it this way.

Generally, it’s better to have the textures not embedded in the j3o.

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