[SOLVED] How do I add Guava to SDK?

I’m very new to jME. I’m trying to learn Lemur to make GUI, but I’m stuck trying to add Guava dependency. There are instructions at GitHub - google/guava: Google core libraries for Java for Gradle and Maven, but how do I set up Gradle or Maven in SDK? Alternatively, is there a Guava JAR file?

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Well, not so much a jME question. In SDK you can also create a jME Gradle project (use the 3.3 versions), I would suggest that. That is the future, well, actually it is very much the present in my oppinion. Ant projects are a thing of the past, still widely supported of course. And you can slap Apache Ivy etc. on top of such to manage dependencies for sure.

If you really want to stick to vanilla Ant project. You can find the JARs from the Maven repositories (Maven Repository: com.google.guava » guava » 30.0-jre) and then just add them to your project manually. I use Google “my-package maven” to find JARs if I ever need one.


Thank you! This solved my stumbling block.

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