[SOLVED] How to run JMonkeyEngine project on my phone using Android Studios

I am using JMonkeyEngine 3.0.10 and trying to run it on my phone using Android Studios. I tried to follow the link below
but it didn’t work. I cannot find the android target. I cannot see any options. Step 5 under Activate Android Deployment.

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I asked a similar question a while back, so look at the answers there:

Also, I found that this template works well with Android Studio, so check it out:

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Hi @Dgames_Crew
Thank you for responding.
I looked at the other post, but there are 2 “build.gradle” files, so I am confused which one to use to add dependencies. I have attached a picture below.

Also, just want to confirm, I should use the below file to add the dependencies in the gradle file.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

The two build.gradle files are for separate files, one for the project and the other for the app module. The project build.gradle is for the whole project, which adds the dependencies for all the modules, so if you are to add dependencies to your project, you would use the build.gradle file in your project.mygame, so use the one you provided in the link :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help. It works.

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