[Solved] Importing obj from Maya

I’m working on a Mac and i’m using Maya, and i couldn’t find an exporter from Maya to Ogre format working on a Mac. I’ve read that JME support obj, so i said “Fine, i’ll use obj”.

I made a really simple model, just a plane that I painted on Mudbox, i exported it, and tried to import it on JME.

Jme simply refuse to import it, it says that it “Cannot import this file” when i click on “Import Model → Open Model”, and if i try to continue the import it prints “Unknown statement in MTL! tf” in the output box.

If needed i could copy the content of the files, though they’re very short.

Is there a workaround on this problem? What should i do?




Those links are for Windows exporter, I’ve said I’m on a Mac because I found those links too.

In some way i discovered the problem. I saved the texture from Mudbox in the default format, that is .tiff. I tried to put the models manually in the models folder of my project and load them from code, it launched an exception saying that there isn’t a loader for tiff files, or something like that. JME imports it now, I still can’t see it but maybe this time the problem is mine, I’m still pretty n00b doing 3d stuff.

However, I suggest some more informative error box, it’s really hard to figure out what’s wrong when the problems is so hidden.

Normen’s reasoning for not including the error in that box is because such errors mean “a flaw in the engine”.

In this case, the issue is that jME3 doesn’t support TIFF files, because Java doesn’t support TIFF files. In the end the solution has to happen in the user side since there’s nothing we can do about it here.

@Momoko_Fan said:
Normen's reasoning for not including the error in that box is because such errors mean "a flaw in the engine".

Sorry but its your reasoning too, I was asking thrice about this.

I think users (like me) are happier to know that they only have to change the image than wondering on what’s wrong when there is nothing really wrong in what they’ve done. It may be a engine flow, but knowing what you have to fix helps keeping the focus on the work. I’m not criticizing, I’m only giving my feedback on this thing.