[SOLVED] Issue with Playing animation on part of body

I was reading the JME wiki docs (Animation in jME3 :: jMonkeyEngine Docs) and saw that I could play one animation on the upper half of the model and another on the lower. This worked great, except that when I play 2 different animations, it seems like one is shorter than the other and when the first one resets, it resets the second or makes it twitch somehow? I’m not 100% sure what the issue is, but I think it is that they are different lengths. Is there a way to get both animations playing on 2 completely different schedules (like having the upper body not affect the lower at all when it ends)? I’m not sure how the whole thing is set up and if this would take maybe using 2 animcomposers on the same model? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

After looking a little further in to it, the issue might just be with the way the joints are set up or the joints I selected (hips for lower, spine for upper like in the example). I’m using the basic mixamo rig so if there is anyone who’s used this, is this something I can do with this rig or would I have to modify it?

Yeah, it was just the rig. I fixed it by adding a left leg and one for the right, combined create a “lower body”.