[SOLVED] Java Version Installer Requirements on Mac OS X

Hello, I am a new user on Mac OS X Mojave. I had Java Version 11 installed, but had to remove it and revert to 8, to install the IDE/SDK JME. So my question now is would the engine and IDE run with Java 11 or do I need to stick with 8. Thanks!

The sdk is still 8 and is no longer supported by the core team. There are some problems preventing updating it to 11 that will be overcome with new releases of netbeans with some luck.

The engine is 11 so if you use an ide of your choice and gradle or maven and the binaries build option you can use 11.

Forgot to mention, there is a great program called bootmonkey if you use gradle that will setup a gradle project for you.

I had to clone it and fix a few things to get it working again since its creator retired from jme but its a easy program to fix.

Someone was going to do some work to it and upload it the the jmonkeystore but its not that much work to get it working.

Sorry I am confused. What you are saying the IDE/SDK of JME3 is no longer supported?
So would make sense for devs to move away from it. Is this correct?

I stay away from Eclipse it is so bloated. I’ll check out Netbeans. Or even better I’ll see if theres a document how to setup with Visual Code. VCode really rocks in any language.

SDK is now supported by the jmonkey community. SDK works just fine with jdk8 but you wanted JDK 11 and thats not supported yet.

The jMonkeyEngine has a core team and is very actively supported by them and the community as well.

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Thanks for the clarification. I’ll learn use what I have, till I need to worry about it :grinning:

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So actually:

  1. You shouldn’t need to re-install anything as the SDK should come with it’s own copy of java 8, so no problem.
  2. There is a branch netbeans11 in jmonkeyEngine/sdk repository, it will work with java 11
  3. The SDK isn’t maintained by the Core Team but by a separate team (including me), so different people, different time schedules.
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Hi, I put back java11 on my machine. I downloaded and compiled that branch.

How do I install it on my Mac and how do I run the SDK?

In windows it’s gradlew run. I think it’s something like that on Mac/*nix with a ./ at the start.

To reiterate that:
You can use the SDK without any or with whatever version of java installed, you just cannot use the current SDK to develop for Java 11.

You have to build the engine first (build_engine.sh, install_engine.sh) and then ./gradlew buildSdk.
After that you can use ./gradlew run to run it conveniently. Apart from that, you can event use ./jdk/download_jdks.sh && ant build-installers to build the Mac OS .app, but the first approach is much easier, you don’t need installers usually.