[SOLVED] Jme Column Selection/Noob question

Hi i wanted to know if its possible (and how to) select code in column.
In eclipse it was possible by Alt+ shift+A ,some times its really faster to do it this way

What are you running jME3 on? (SDK, Eclipse, others?)

JME SDk v 3.2.1

It uses NetBeans, so if you find that tool with NetBeans, you might be able to do it.

Thnx,eem is that hard to put it in ? i never changed or added any tools (dont want to break any thing thats working)

No, I mean like a feature that NetBeans contains. Maybe NetBeans already has that feature, you just need to find it, might be a new key, so search how to do what you want in NetBeans.

Oh yeah its here , Cntrl+Shift+R . Thnx :slight_smile: