[SOLVED] Jme3 Beginner: Displaying Animation Timer

I have seen several posts pertaining to this issue but still the answer wasn’t very clear or it was in Jme2. I simply want to print my simulation timer on the screen without affecting my animation efficiency. In other words, I want to print this on the animation screen:

[java]public void onUpdate(float tpf) {

counter += tpf;

System.out.println("Simulation Timer: "+counter);



Whats the best way to do it?

thanks in advance

Look at the TestBitmapText, and just use bitmapText.setText(""+counter) every frame. Or Integer.toString(counter) w/e you want. It shouldn’t affect your efficiency regardless.

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Thank you!

May I ask a question too?

How to get Used Memory by textures and meshes?

I want to display it.

Also I know there is Video Memory and RAM. These are different things. I just want to get such a statistic.

you could look at SimpleApplication, i think pressing M outputs some memory statistics, so you could steal how its implements it