[SOLVED] [Lemur] Buttons won't respond after changing tabs in fullscreen

I’m currently building a Lemur pause menu with tabs.

The actual tabs works really good, no problem there.

In one of these tabs, I have some simple ActionButton that either closes the menu or quit the game (as of right now).


They work fine… Except in a really particular case : If the game is full screen and I switch tabs, when I get back to the first tab, those buttons stops responding to any events at all (no click, no effects, nothing) …

The bug doesn’t seams to happen when the game runs in windowed mode, and only happens when we switch tabs. If I don’t switch, it works correctly…

I’m trying to make sense out of it, but it doesn’t… :expressionless:

Any help would be appreciated…

It doesn’t make sense to me either.

Lemur is just doing a collideWith() on the scene graph, basically. Apparently, that is failing in full screen after switching tabs.

…wait… what do you mean by “switch tabs”? In the in-game UI TabPanel or like switching from app to app in windows? I assumed switching tabs in the TabPanel. Which if it’s visible then it should be pickable.

I think maybe you could turn up trace logging to see what the pick event session is logging. I don’t remember off the top of my head how much detail it’s logging at trace level.

Edit: do note that there is a z limit on the picking… so if something is making the UI move to a very high Z then picking may stop working.

Or, some small z offset that is scaled to a ridiculous size by a setLocalScale() that can be big…

I’ll look into that.

Oh, yeah… it just occurred to me that this could be caused by folks scaling their GUI node to autoscale their UI.

When scaling your GUI node, only scale x, y… ie: use setLocalScale(scale, scale, 1) instead of setLocalScale(scale)

Turns out my components were scaled and also had a really high Z.
So, yeah.

Sometimes, just talking can solve your problems.