[SOLVED] Lemur listBox adding super slow with MigLayout

When using MigLayout with the lemur ListBox and this string adding its taking 4 seconds to complete.

        Container contParamsList = new Container(new MigLayout("wrap"));
        contParamsList.setAlpha(0, false);
        contMain.addChild(contParamsList, "dock east");
        //Parameters list.
        contParamsList.addChild(new Label("Parameters"));
        listBoxAvoidance = contParamsList.addChild(new ListBox()); 
        //The ObstacleAvoidanceParams        
        for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) {
            String params = "<=====    " + i + "    =====>\n"  
                + "velBias                = 0.4\n"
                + "adaptiveDivs       = 7\n"
                + "adaptiveRings     = 2\n"
                + "adaptiveDepth    = 5";

I was using a VersionedList but that will build the entire list before displaying so resorted to a loop just so the user can see that the list is actually waiting to populate. This also adds a huge drag on user input, like seconds to take input into a field.

With Lemur defaults the list populates fast.

Anyone have an idea how to speed this up or if they even experienced something like this?

Removing the container and using explicit cell insertion cleared it up. Limited the visible items for the listBox also.